重返地球 幕后解析-[After Earth – Okapi stampede breakdown]

 原文作者:jonathan freisler https://vimeo.com/71418045

One of the sequences we worked on at Iloura on 'After Earth' was the 'Okapi stampede' sequence. Granted the sequence was cut from the film, we roughly spent 8 months or so working on the shots until the edit was locked and the sequence omitted. Although they were never finished, the shots still appeared in the trailers and advertisement for the film. Basically the last two shots in the breakdown are WIPs. I was responsible for all the water simulations, and effects in the shots. What you see was never quite finished, but still pretty proud of what we did and how they were coming together. Big shout out to all the animators who had to hand animate the guys, time after time. Okapi after okapi. Naiad was used for simulating the water, rendered using vray in max using an arsenal of tools; Fume, frost, TP and all that jazz. Thanks and enjoy!


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